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How to clean and maintain the juicer
Addtimes: 2023-04-26


1, after juicing to disconnect the juicer from the power supply, separating the cup bucket and the host. You can first clean the machine simply, do not let the machine in the fruit residue and other debris condensation.

2, the juice extractor can be cleaned after squeezing fruit juice extractor knife head clogged fiber strip, slowly extracted in the direction of the juice extractor around, and then cleaned, other parts can be brushed with a wire juicer ball. Be careful not to use too much force.

3, the conditions can be removed from the knife head, but the number of times should not be too frequent, the knife head at the easy to wind the fruit and other food fibers or residues, should first follow the direction of winding the residue yanked out, and then rinse with water.

4, there are used small brushes or toothbrushes at home should not be discarded, they are effective in cleaning small places, so that the cleaning effect is better.

5, if the head is used to grind meat, the rest of the bun will be broken into bun crumbs, put into the mixer for mixing, so that it can effectively adsorb minced meat, etc., clean up more clean.

6, the appearance of cleaning is relatively simple, wipe with a rag, remember not to rinse with water, or scrape with hard objects, so as not to cause surface damage, the base can not be immersed in water, so as not to damage the insulation part of the motor.

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