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How to choose a juicer
Addtimes: 2023-04-26


1, the operation of the juicer should be simple and have safety protection features. Due to the high speed rotation of the juicer can bring a certain degree of danger. So be sure to pay attention to the safety protection design of the juicer. Juicer is generally equipped with a safety locking device, the machine can not work when the attachment is not installed in place, the purchase is not installed in the case of accessories carefully start the power supply, check whether the machine with a safety locking device.

2, the juicer is simple to clean, simple and easy to operate. As often used to extract juice, there will be a lot of residue left inside the juicer, for the health of the diet, cleaning becomes very important. A good juicer should be very simple, convenient and quick to clean.

3, the function of the juicer. A good juicer mainly depends on the effect of juicing. juicer" target="_blank">Good juicer juice clean and thorough, less water contained in the fruit residue. This can be demonstrated by the sales staff on the spot. And finally pick a variety of different fruits to test. This can really test to the juicing ability of the juicer.

4, the juicer parts should be of high quality, especially the blades and other parts. These are the core components of the juicer, to check whether the quality is high quality. The quality is durable and will not have parts that are often replaced. You can send more to let the sales staff more.

5, the speed of the juicer must be uniform, slow, at least below 100 rpm, the best 70-90 rpm. Juicer in the rotation of no noise, vibration is not large. Whether the switch can immediately stop the rotation.

6, choose the casing of the juicer to be good. Because this is the drink we drink, the plastic of the juicer must be clean and hygienic. Make sure that the plastic of the juicer does not emit the smell of plastic, which is a guarantee of human health.

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